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Monday, 21 March 2016

The Hatcast Episode 102: Just The One of Me

A notice to either Pretzle or Gravy. If you find this post, it means the test is complete. HC over 3 exists. You may now request that it doesn't.

 But that doesn't mean that I will listen... (just like the fanbase of the Hatcast)...

A while ago, I set a draft on the Hatcast blog page, entitled above. It was a joke, but now it isn't. You must have lots of questions, but the real conundrum is how long does it take Pretzle or Gravy to notice? Probably quite some time, they dont believe the Hatcast exists any more. Click here for the best fun.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Hatcast Episode 100: The Final Hatcast

Sadly not coming to theatres near you.
So here we are again, for the final time as we come to the end of our run in our biggest and greatest episode of The Hatcast. It's been a big two years, and all those sections are back again, even the once dead ones, along with twice-prior guest star Don Zombie. Listen in for more movie reviews and awards. A winner is found in engrish, and a finale in storytime. As we have news from around the world and Pretzle rants. We got it all.


Irrelevant Stuff
And I don't blink (And I just keep going)

The Hatcast Super Mega Mix
Act 1: Introductory Compilation Medley (In Order of Appearance)
The Original Theme by Samples From Sounbooth CS4 that Gravy Put Together
Bohemian Hatsody (A Parody of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen) by Pretzle
Chocolate Salty Balls by The Chef from South Park
Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six
Doors Doors Doors by Elliot Mason
Episodes of Hatcast (A Parody of Enormous Penis by Da Vinci's Notebook) by The Hatcasters
Hey, I Just Met You. (Espa Roba Version) by LittleKuriboh
Gravyboss (Parody of Beelzeboss by Tenacious D) by The Hatcasters
Hatcast Paradise (Parody of Amish Paradise (Parody of Gansters Paradise by Coolio) by Weird Al Yankovich) by Perry
Like A Host (Parody of Like A Boss by The Lonely Island) by Gravy (Ft. Dark Lord Gravius)
Moustaches by Weebl
Shia LeBeouf (Actual Cannibal) by Rob Cantor
What's Up by Four Non-Blondes (He-Man Version) a.k.a Fabulous Secret Powers by Slackcircus
Hatcast Style (Parody of Gangnam Style by Psy) by Gravy
Whipfish (Edit of Shlomoho's Winning, with a sound bite of Gravy pasted on top) by Perry
Be A Cast (Parody of Be A Man from Mulan) by The Hatcasters
Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who
Fresh Cast of the Hats we Wear (Parody of the Fresh Prince Theme) by The Hatcasters
I'm on a Cast (Parody of I'm On A Boat by The Lonely Island) By Pretzle & Perry (ft. Dark Lord Gravius)
This Show Will Never Die. (Parody of Want You Gone by Jonathon Coulton) by Drunk Gravy
The Hatcast (Parody of Internet Porn by Da Vinci's Notebook) by Pretzle (ft. Perry & Gravy)
Parody of the Team Rocket Motto by The Hatcasters 
Layers by Clockwork by Candlelight (Hatcast Official Theme Tune)

Act 2: The Bulk of the Show
Pre-Storytime: What's Up by Four Non-Blondes (Midi-Version)
Storytime: Experiment by The Tizzer, Planet IV (Ionosphere) by KubbiThe War Within by NeXsardSector 13 by OmegeistCan't Sleep London by RonnieDisaronno, and Brodyquest by Lemon Demon
P5: Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat by Heartless Corporation
Pretzle's Top 5: One by DjTrailblazer
Engrish (Competitive): Experiment 2 by The TizzerJapanesque Metal by sir shire, Dire Dire Pokemon by seargenthippo, and Japanology by Spiriax
Perry's Article: Impossibility by Sasquamox
What, Humanity?!: Seism by The Tizzer
P5 Awards: Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat by Heartless Corporation, Cause it always is.
Engrish (Casual): Retro Boss Battle by Rampant Musik
The Appeal: That Music All Appeals Somehow Tend To Use
Headlines: Newcast by Coral Beach

The Outro: The Final Hatcast (A Parody of The Final Countdown by Europe) By The Hatcasters

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And as always, Thanks for listening.

Friday, 28 June 2013

The Hatcast Episode 99: A Whole Bunch of Problems

New Character Confirmed For SSB
Just another episode folks, not at all made odd because we've done 99 episodes. So we have some news about penises, teeth and blow up dolls, but not all at once. There's also a movie review and something about movies that were poorly translated or something.

You should be listening, bitch!

Relevant Links
1st: Giant Hammer Attacked At Glastonbury ~ Metro
1st: Like A Regular Article ~ Metro
1st: Only Fools And Blow Up Dolls ~ Metro
HL: Iowoman Puts Hit On The Web ~ omaha

Irrelevant Links
Oh Bollards? ~ Metro
Bible Stops Kicking ~ wsbtv
Close Embrace ~ wftv

Intro Soundbyte "Layers" by Clockwork By Candlelight
Introduction "Space Pirates" by Kenji Yamamoto
Firsticle "Green Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog and "On The Run" by Octrox with "Planet IV (Ionosphere)" by Kubbi
P5 "Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat" by HeartlessCorporation
Engrish "Dire Dire Pokémon 8bit" by seargenthippo and "Japanology" by Spiriax with "Japanesque Metal" by sir shire
Headlines "Newscast" by Coral Beach
Outroduction "Eye of the Tiger 8bit" by Exactly 33

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Today's Bonus Image
"Paint me like one of your French pokémon, Jack!" ~ Sleepy Diglett

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Hatcast Episode 98: Double Oh Nine Eight


We're getting exceedingly close to episode 100, you know what that means right? You guessed it, it's episode 98. That makes sense right? This week we have your usual addiction of stuff and news and stuff. This is very important for some reason.

The countdown: 2.

Relevant Stuff
Aliens, man.
In SCIENCE news.
Sir Pig of Guinea charges into battle in the proper attire.

So Lego Wizard Morgan Freeman is a thing.

Musical Backings
As we begin and into firsticlesSpace Pirates by Kenji YamamotoOn The Run by OctroxOne More Castle by Reasoner, and Phrygian by Clockwork by Candlelight
P5Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat by Heartless Corporation
StorytimeExperiment by The Tizzer, What's Up by Four Non-Blondes (Midi-Version), Planet IV (Ionosphere) by KubbiImpossibility by SasquamoxCan't Sleep London by RonnieDisaronno, and Brodyquest by Lemon Demon
HeadlinesNewcast by Coral Beach

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Friday, 14 June 2013

The Hatcast Episode 97: The Wrong One Repeatedly

No Context Required
Hello again, folks, to the Hatcast, a podcast I'm forced to edit twice in a row because the other two have "commitments". Ah, they probably do, but when I edit I make things happen so it's all good. This week we have what we have every week, groanworthy puns, groanworthy terrible things, groanworthy background music and groanworthy Gravy. Also news, reviews and engrished summaries.

Oh, and a whole lot of E3 talk. Again.

I also kind of apologise for engrish. I didn't do it.

Obligatory countdown: 3

Relevant Links
Firsticle: Bombs First Bath ~ Link
Firsticle: Chinese Spies ~ Link
Headline: Severed Deer Heads ~ Link
Headline: Yet More Sense Made By Yank Cops ~ Link

Irrelevant Links
This Is Fucking Terrifying ~ Link
Best On Board Video Ever ~ Link
Fuck You Russia ~ Link
Vulvapedia ~ Link (No seriously, NSFW)
Anulingus ~ Link

The Music We Played
The Introduction and The Background of the Outro
"Layers" by Clockwork by Candlelight
The Intro Backing Music
"Space Pirates" by Kenji Yamamoto
The Backings To The Firsticle
"Green Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog and "Impossibility" by SasquaMox with "On The Run" by Octrox
The P5 Background Music
"Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat" by HeartlessCorporation
The Engrish Background Music In Non-Competition Mode
"Dire Dire Pokémon 8bit" by seargenthippo
The Engrish Background Music In Competition Mode
"Japanology" by Spiriax
The Headlines Background Music
"Newscast" by Coral Beach

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Friday, 7 June 2013

The Hatcast Episode 96: Rupee Boy

Welcome back listeners, to the Hatcast written introduction to the episode that we recorded half the week ago. So, this week, we have drunkards, bridges, fridges, drunkards on bridges, drunkards using fridges, and your usual cacophony of news, review collaborations, storytimage and of course, more news. It's a bit of a terrible lovechild, this podcast, and you love it.
The Countdown Continues: 4

Sorry this one is a bit late.

Relevant Links
1st: Smuggling Inside a Prisoner ~ metro
1st: Drunkards on Bridges ~ metro
1st: Drinkbots ~ metro
ST: The Prequel Fanfiction ~ Hatcast
HL: It could be worse, it could be JLS ~ metro
HL: It could be worse, oh wait, it is, it's the Nazi's ~ metro

Irrelevant Links
Name Changes Because of Threatening Sign Language ~ theblaze
America Must Nevar Forget ~ vimeo
Somehow Relevant ~ tumblr image
Animators Must Nevar Forget ~ vimeo
Woo! Net Neutrality! ~ zdnet

Music Things Of The BackIntroduction: "Space Pirates" by Kenji Yamamoto
Firsticle: "Retro Boss Battle" by RampantMusik, "Experiment" by The Tizzer
P5 Awards: "Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat" by HeartlessCorporation
Storytime: "Brodyquest" by LemonDemon, "Impossibility" by SasquaMox, "Experiment 2" by The Tizzer, "Planet IV (Ionosphere)" by Kubbi and "On The Run" by Octrox
Headlines: "Newscast" by Coral Beach
Outroduction: "Layers" by Clockwork By Candlelight

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Hatcast Episode 95: Not How You Poop

Image Source: Metro: Toilet-mobile | Soundcloud Flash Player | Download from Mediafire (26.5MB)


Relevant links:
Black Virgin Hair! For Sale for 600 oboes! (Metro)
Non-flying spaceship made out of LEGO, big wingspang (Gizmodo)
Benedict Cumberbatch's cut shower scene (YouTube)

-Exploding pipes
-Plastic booze
-Exam suckiness
-Venezuela import shortages
-A plane is not in Kansas anymore
-Photons and quantum woo-woo developments
-N. Korea theme park?
-Japanyan cat
-AKB48 links with Yakuza
-Exploding toilets

Intro backing music: Elevate Yourself - Streets of Rage Remix, XLacusX (Newgrounds)
Firsticle backing music 1: The Vael - Slottet (Newgrounds)
Firsticle backing music 2: Hypersleep - synistergate (Newgrounds)
Pz5 backing music: Nyan Cat (
P5 backing music: Nyan Cat: Smooth Jazz Cover - HeartlessCorporation (YouTube)
Engrish backing music 1: Asia Watch (asia_watch.xm) (ModArchive)
Engrish backing music 2: Japanology - Spiriax (Newgrounds)
Engrish backing music 3: Floating B.Y. - JohnLorique (Newgrounds)
Engrish backing music 4: Mini Game - ZREO: Ocarina of Time (ZREO)
Headlines backing music: Newscast (cb_news.xm) - Coral Beach (ModArchive)
Outro backing music: Enjoy the Bits - DjCrystalD (Newgrounds)

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